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vintage videos

1 review of Vintage Videos and Games "Awesome shop. Lots of video games, systems, vinyl, movies, and more. Great prices on everything. The staff are friendly. We've found 10 vintage videos that offer a glimpse of a future that, in many cases, never quite existed. From space age kitchens to high tech. Även om iPhone 4 tar hyfsat bra bilder och filmar helt ok finns det ändå de som inte är nöjda. Men de vill inte ha bättre kvalitet, utan sämre.

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All flying cars, robot maids and all-in-one slinky jumpsuits? Som tur är finns appen 8mm Vintage Camera. Men de vill inte ha bättre kvalitet, utan sämre. Bannon faults George W. Kitchens of the Future These two clips from the '50s offer a glimpse of what the average housewife thought she had to look forward to in years to come. Entertainment Like Follow Follow. This footage from the '60s predicts a push-button phone in every home and a primitive way to page someone. vintage videos

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